1. The average length of time an Ethiopian child attends school is eight years.
  2. Although primary school enrollment has increased in recent years, dropout rates and repetition remain critical problems.
  3. Nationally, the gross enrollment rate is 39% for grades 9-10 and 10% for grades 11-12.
  4. Financial need is one of the main factors that contributes to the high dropout rate.
  5. Preschools, kindergartens, or alternative early childhood educational programs are rarely available to young learners, especially in rural areas.
  6. Very few public libraries exist in Ethiopia.
  7. Internet penetration is about 11% of the population.

Source:  UNICEF, World Bank, UNESCO


Public Libraries and Internet Access

WEEMA establishes public libraries with large book collections, computers and internet access.


Early Childhood Literacy

WEEMA teaches early childhood literacy skills to young learners through establishing kindergartens and utilizing innovative technologies.


Barriers to Education

WEEMA addresses barriers to education such as lack of school resources and proper hygiene management.