Happy High Schoolers- 11th and 12th grades at Keleta

Keleta High School is now expanding to include 11th and 12th grade!

For years, Keleta had only 9th and 10th grade at its secondary school.  In order to finish 11th and 12th grades, students from this rural village needed to rent rooms away from home in Mudula town order to finish their high school education.  Now Ethiopia's Southern Region Educational Department has given the community permission to add 11th and 12th grades to its school- but only if certain criteria are met. This a really BIG deal!  

In order to meet these criteria, the community needed to raise money. They came together and hosted a community day where people donated whatever they could such as agricultural goods, livestock, etc.  And they did it!  Criteria met!

WEEMA is honored to play its part in this community effort and will help with the construction of a new library and computer center.

Happy Studying, Keleta Kids!  One step closer to University...

Kindergarten Kiddos Graduate

In June, over 800 kindergarten students participated in festive graduation ceremonies.  Everyone celebrated with song, dance and praise.  So much to be proud of!

   “We appreciate not those men who stand on the moon but those teachers who thought them to be brilliant enough to stand on the moon.”                   
                                                                            - Parent of Graduate

Enjoy these photos from Ferzano (June 27) Keleta (June 29) and Mudula (July 1.)



Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 8.03.01 AM.png
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Beyond the Fence at Mudula Kindergarten


Blog post written by Kate Murphy, WEEMA's Social Media Guru, as she shares from her recent trip.


WEEMA Standing in the playground of Mudula Kindergarten, the last thing I am expecting to hear is "Hey! What's your name?" in giggling English. I spin around and glance at the fence surrounding the KG to discover the source of the voice. A playful smile peaks through the wooden slats.

After sharing my name, I am asked a slew of follow up questions:

Where am I from?

How old am I?

Is this my first time in Ethiopia?

After each answer, I fire back questions in English. I learn that I am fortunate enough to meet Bebeta, a fifth grader whose English rivals any I have heard spoken in the small town of Mudula. It only makes sense that English is her favorite subject, a language that she is already mastering at the age of eleven. She has just come from filling up a jerrycan at a water point nearby.

After I snap Bebeta's photo with her friends, I share the photo with them. The group erupts in laughter.

Girls like Bebeta are the reason that WEEMA continues to focus on development from many angles; so that eleven year olds can spend their time working towards their educational goals instead of walking hours to collect water!