Big moves for Mudula and Keleta Kindergartens

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WEEMA is supporting education in the community by constructing permanent buildings for Mudula and Keleta Kindergartens.

The Kindergartens will move from their current rented classrooms to newly built classrooms located inside local school complexes. Basing Mudula and Keleta kindergartens in locations adjacent to the primary schools in their area will allow them to function under the same administration as the rest of the school district. 

WEEMA is dedicated to implementing projects that support the long-term, sustainable success of Ethiopia's educational system.

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WEEMA brings tablets to two new kindergartens

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On Monday, WEEMA began to implement our digital literacy project in two community-based kindergartens!

The schools selected for the digital literacy program, Hodo and Gaecha kindergartens in the Tembaro district, were built by the community to meet the needs of their children. Both were provided with tablets to serve a group of 240 kindergarten students who attend in two shifts.

The tablets function as an interactive workbook by supplementing lessons taught by the teacher. They are loaded with math, science, reading and art curriculum developed for each day of the school year.

Two students share each tablet and work together to complete the lesson or assignment. The photos reveal how this teaching method encourages peer-to-peer learning.

WEEMA is excited to bring innovative approaches to education, and can’t wait to see these kindergartners progress in their reading!

Kindergarten Kiddos Graduate

In June, over 800 kindergarten students participated in festive graduation ceremonies.  Everyone celebrated with song, dance and praise.  So much to be proud of!

   “We appreciate not those men who stand on the moon but those teachers who thought them to be brilliant enough to stand on the moon.”                   
                                                                            - Parent of Graduate

Enjoy these photos from Ferzano (June 27) Keleta (June 29) and Mudula (July 1.)



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