WEEMA Celebrates International Women's Day!

WEEMA staff in Ethiopia celebrated International Women’s Day with presentations promoting women’s rights.

The day’s activities were a collaborative effort of community stakeholders to end gender-based violence and to empower females. Participants ranged from students to parents to government officials of both genders.

Festivities began with a drama that focused on women's issues performed by members of the community. There also were poetry readings,  testimonials, storytelling and a presentation and tour of the new women’s menstrual hygiene and sanitation room at Saruma Primary and Middle School.  After the tour a discussion about the importance of menstrual health was held.

Kembata-Tembaro Team Visits a Rehabilitation Center

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A WEEMA-sponsored team from Tembaro traveled south to Arba Minch to visit a rehabilitation center.   This trip was part of WEEMA's ongoing work to raise awareness, destigmatize, and include the voices of people living with disabilities as part of local political agenda.

The experience made quite a impression and renewed the commitment to address the rights of people with disabilities.

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Kindergarten Kiddos Graduate

In June, over 800 kindergarten students participated in festive graduation ceremonies.  Everyone celebrated with song, dance and praise.  So much to be proud of!

   “We appreciate not those men who stand on the moon but those teachers who thought them to be brilliant enough to stand on the moon.”                   
                                                                            - Parent of Graduate

Enjoy these photos from Ferzano (June 27) Keleta (June 29) and Mudula (July 1.)



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