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Water for Farsuma

Farsuma water family.jpg

Alemitu rises in the morning, readying herself for a day split between caring for her six children and walking for water. Alemitu’s husband works as a plumber, which leaves her to make the two-hour round trip to the nearest river in order to collect water to cook, drink, and clean. This trip must be made at least twice a day.

WEEMA built Farsuma Water Project to provide water to the community where Alemitu lives with her family, 15 kilometers away from Mudula. Alemitu expresses how the water project has transformed her life; “Now I can get water any time to wash clothes, clean my house and bathe my children.”

Her husband, Abraham, is joyous that his family finally has access to potable water, and his wife no longer spends hours carrying heavy jerrycans. “Water was the main problem of this community, especially clean drinking water. People and children used to get sick from river water, but thanks to WEEMA International that is no longer a problem we face.”

A commitment to providing clean water was the foundation of WEEMA International. Farsuma is one example of our continued work to respond to and support the communities' needs!