WEEMA’s Self Help Group team takes on a new leadership role

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In 2014 WEEMA started its first Self Help Groups (SHG). We were fortunate enough to benefit from the experience of other organizations who had already established SHGs in neighboring communities and in other parts of Ethiopia. Today we have 112 SHGs in two districts – and 2,033 women participating. 
This week the WEEMA team is playing a new leadership role and is hosting a team affiliated with the Maji Development Coalition in the Bench Maji Zone for three days of learning. Together they will visit some of WEEMA’s Self Help Groups to hear stories of successes and challenges, talk about lessons learned, and share action plans and documents to help the Bench Maji team get off on solid footing and start them off on a path to success.
The WEEMA team is proud to be able to share their expertise to help launch new Self Help Groups and support women's empowerment.
To learn a bit more about Self Help Groups visit our Women’s Economic Empowerment Groups.