How library & computer access can change everything


The Degale Public LIbrary and Computer Center has made a world of difference for Betelihem who ranked second in her 9th grade class last year at the Mudula Secondary and Preparatory School. 
Moving up to the top of her class is a huge improvement from the previous year when she described herself as a very average student who didn’t score well at all on the tests.
The difference? Taking advantage of the resources of the Degale Public LIbrary and Computer Center.  She learned about the library from classmates and started to visit frequently to study, take advantage of the reference materials, and to use the computer center to access recent materials from the internet. 

Betelihem is one of ten children whose mother is a merchant and father is a government worker. Her dream is to be a medical doctor. The way to make that a reality is scoring well on national exams and that’s exactly what Betelihem plans to do.
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