Meet Lisa, our new Director of Development & Communications!

lisa headshot.jpg

WEEMA is thrilled to welcome Lisa to the team as our Director of Development and Communications! Lisa brings a wealth of experience and a passion for international development and we asked her to share some of her background and interests; get to know her by reading her response below!

"My journey in the world of international development started with a group of incredibly inspiring women who were asked to start a middle school in Rwanda, the Maranyundo Girls School.  Today it is a thriving and fully-enrolled middle and high school whose students consistently receive top scores in national exams.

The next step on my journey was Oxfam - an incredible organization working in over 90 countries to tackle the root causes of poverty. It was an honor to work with a brilliant and committed group of people - and a privilege to be able to make a difference in people’s lives. With WEEMA, my focus will turn to communities and people in Ethiopia and expanding WEEMA’s financial resources to deepen the impact of our programs.

My favorite thing about working in international development is that it is an extraordinary learning experience.  Through my work I have the opportunity to learn about other parts of the world, governments, different cultures, and the challenges as well as the hopes and dreams and joys of people who live in those places.

During initial conversations with the WEEMA team I was struck by each person’s commitment and passion for the organization. I love making connections and building relationships and am looking forward to introducing WEEMA’s work to new people, and increasing financial resources to support WEEMA’s mission.  There is nothing more rewarding than being able to support great ideas and witness positive change."

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