WEEMA's Mobile Health App is Saving Lives

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“The app guides me through each step. It makes our life simple. I consider the application as a ‘‘virtual doctor’’ that assists me to the right diagnosis and treatment.” - Bette, Health Extension Worker

Today, a WEEMA-supported health extension worker (HEW) can simply reach for her phone, open WEEMA’s mobile health app, and confidently start asking a mother questions to help quickly diagnose and treat her child.

This life-saving app is a mobile-based tool that WEEMA developed in partnership with D-tree International, with the support of the IZUMI Foundation. The app walks health workers through the recommended steps in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of sick children under five. In addition to creating the app, the WEEMA team provides training and follow up support for the HEWs using it.

In a recent qualitative evaluation, the app was shown to benefit every step in diagnosing, reporting and administering treatment. It also proved to increase accessibility to children under five years old and helped reduce unnecessary referrals to hospitals.

The application is very user-friendly. I feel that I became a well-equipped health professional. It helps me avoid giving wrong dosages and helps me give appropriate treatment for the age and weight of a child. It increased my confidence in terms of giving the right medication.
— Tigist, Health Extension Worker