Durame surgeries change the lives of over 100 women!

WEEMA was honored to partner with Durame Hospital and three other organizations to provide life changing uterine prolapse surgery to over 100 women!


What is uterine prolapse?

Prolonged labor or multiple pregnancies can result in weakened pelvic muscles and can cause complications, including prolapses in the uterus (the uterus falling out the body). Women living with a prolapse are often publicly shamed and ostracized. They can become incontinent or bed-ridden and struggle with daily chores, transportation and maintaining personal relationships.

Tell me more about the uterine prolapse surgical campaign at Durame Hospital.

Local doctors and midwives recognized unusually high rates of women suffering from uterine prolapse in the rural areas where WEEMA works.  In response, the leadership at Durame Hospital decided to host a high volume surgical campaign to address this issue.  For the past two weeks, doctors and nurses provided free gynecological surgery for 100 women.  These women  are now healthy and returned to their families with restored dignity.

Stay tuned for next week's WEEMA Wednesday where we share a patient's story!