Tomorrow is World Water Day!

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Happy World Water Day!

We often take our clean water for granted.  Can you imagine having to walk for hours each day to collect dirty drinking water?  We can't.  Unfortunately, 750 million people in the world do just that.

But together we can change that- and, in fact, with your help we already have.

Since 2012, we have invested in constructing and repairing water systems throughout the Tembaro district in Southern Ethiopia.  We believe that by the end of 2019- in parternship with the local water department- the percent of access to water coverage of the area will have increased from 40% to over 80-85% (follow-up survey to be conducted).  What an amazing accomplishment!  Think of all of the girls and women in Tembaro who no longer have the burden of water collection and can go to school, start small business and pursue their dreams. Thank you! You made that happen.

But our work is not done.  In addition to new water projects in Tembaro, over the next several years we will expand to other areas of Kembata-Tembaro Zone as well as in the Hadiya Zone.  And we cannot do this without you. In honor of World Water Day, please consider making a generous donation in support of our water programs.

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