Assefa and his passion for inclusive education

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Assefa, WEEMA's Education Program Manager, is passionate about inclusive education. He believes that "education is irreplaceable" and will build WEEMA programs to support education for all children.  He brings years of previous experience in inclusive education and will definitely put his knowledge, skills and commitment to good use!

"Our aim is to include all children with disabilities- those with hearing impairments, visual disabilities, and physical impairments. There are a number of children who are not given a chance to go to school because of their disability. These children have the capacity to read, to write, to speak or  communicate but because of a disability they don't get the chance," Assefa explains.

Creating inclusive environments means addressing the stigmas of disabilities and creating friendly school environments that accommodate every child. One method to support children with hearing impairments, for example, is building "print-rich" classrooms that contain a diversity of education materials and teaching aids that help children grasp lessons simply by seeing those words and concepts in their classroom.

WEEMA is committed to creating and strengthening inclusive programs and can't wait to see the launch of these innovative projects under the guidance of staff like Assefa!