WEEMA's Managing Director, Amber, visits Mudula


My plane touched down in Boston yesterday after my first visit to Mudula. I was more than a little jet-lagged, but my first trip to Ethiopia to see WEEMA's projects had filled me with a new sense of energy and excitement.
Having spent the last 15 years working in international development, I've had the privilege of seeing a great number of projects first-hand. WEEMA projects were different; time and time again I was blown away ā€“ not only by what the WEEMA team was accomplishing, but also by how they were accomplishing it. Their integrity, passion and commitment to serving their community were  reflected in every action, big and small.

Iā€™m looking forward to sharing stories from my trip of how WEEMA is changing lives in upcoming WEEMA Wednesdays. Stay tuned for your weekly dose of WEEMA inspiration!

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Amber Oberc