WASH Project brings 5 latrines to Tembaro!


WEEMA invited government reps, Health Extension Workers, and school principals to learn about the upcoming WASH Project. Staff held a "familiarization" workshop to share the projects goals and open the floor for discussion and suggestions.

What is WASH?

WEEMA's WASH project aims to improve health and hygiene by building latrines and promoting sanitation practices in schools and public spaces. WASH stands for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. It is truly a community project, drawn up with the input of local government and stakeholders.

Current plans

We will construct latrines at two schools (Gaecha and Gedra)  and three public routes with high traffic. Rain water will be harvested for hand washing and cleaning, and special "WASH Committees" will be trained and provided supplies so they can promote good hygiene practices and care for the facilities.

Some cool news: journalists attended the workshop and the news of this WASH project  and unique workshop will soon be aired on radio and TV throughout the region!