C-section training for medical teams across Kembata-Tembaro a success!

All four hospitals are now open and functional across Kembata Tembaro- Doyogena, Shinschicho, Mudula and Durame Hospitals. This has had a large positive impact on the local community -- previously, Durame Hospital was the only hospital in the Zone, serving close to 1 million people.

In response, WEEMA supported c-section training for 3 medical teams- one team from each of the new hospitals-  so women will be able to undergo emergency c-sections at these local hospitals.  Access to advanced obstetrical care is truly lifesaving for moms and babies!

Much gratitude to Dr. Sisay (WEEMA-sponsored OBGYN), Dejene (Durame Hospital Anesthetist), Habtamu (Durame Hospital Administrator), surgical teams at Durame Hospital, and the Kembata-Tembaro Health department for making this training such a huge success.

(Photo taken by Liz McGovern during actual c-section teaching session in Durame Hospital operating room.  An amazing experience!)