Growing by Working Together

Kebebush Barena is one of twenty women in the WEEMA Self Help Group Hunjenten Letneam (Growing by Working Together). Established in 2014, the group practices saving with each individual contributing three birr per week. Savings are pooled to provide microloans to members, and may also be lent to members' families for financially constraining life events.

"Before joining my group, I used to stay at home and rely on my husband’s income to support my family of seven. Since I didn’t contribute to household income, my participation in decision-making was very minimal." Kebebush explains. 

"Now, I am confident and bold enough to speak in front of any one. I have more responsibilities outside home, and understand how to better support myself."

Kebebush is one example of how WEEMA Self Help Groups empower women to create secure, sustainable futures for themselves and their families.