Three family members cured from cataract blindness!

Daniel is a 28 year old farmer who lives with his family just outside of Hossana. He dropped out of school four years ago when his right eye formed a cataract and he was no longer able to see and follow the teacher during class. Daniel has two nieces, Redate age 8 and Ababa age 5, who live with their mother nearby. Redate and Ababa both have had bilateral cataracts since early childhood. They lost their father a few years ago. Their mom works hard to attend the farm and care for her children. Redate and Ababa have two older sisters who support their mother with household activities after school. Redate and Ababa, however, are not in school because to their cataracts.

One morning, Daniel heard an announcement about a local cataract eye screening. He recalls, “I was so glad when I learned there was an opportunity for my nieces and me to get our sight back!” He rushed to his sister’s house to tell her the good news, and she agreed to send the girls for the treatment. He took the girls to the health center where they received screening and given appointments for surgery.

On February 9, 2017 a bus already full of patients came and picked up Daniel, Redate and Ababa and transported them to the Hosanna hospital.  They received surgery that same day and that night they slept soundly with protective patches over their eyes. The next morning, the surgeon removed the patches and declared, "Your surgeries were successful!  You can see!"

Daniel shares, “I am so happy that the girls and I had the surgeries. Redate and Ababa's friends used to tease them because of their cataracts and for not being in school.  Now the girls will go to school and do things that they were not able to do before, like hanging out with their friends. And me, I will go back to school and finish it. I will also continue farming but this time be much more productive.”