Introducing "WEEMA Wednesdays"

Check out our new WEEMA website!  It contains lots of photos of Ethiopia, its proud people, and WEEMA's impactful work.  We hope you find it both informational and inspiring.

Other exciting news-  we are launching a new communications initiative we call "WEEMA Wednesdays."  Each week, we will share news from the field with you, our friends and supporters.  We value you and want to make sure you know what is happening and feel a part of the work. You deserve it!

WEEMA Wednesday posts will include the following themes:

     Program Spotlights

     Alliance:  Community-led Development in Action

     Data:  Impact and Transparency

     Stories of Dignity

As always, we love to hear from you.  Send us your input and feedback- please let us know what you are interesting in learning more about.  Our upcoming posts will focus on some of our educational programming.  Enjoy!

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