OB/GYN at Durame Hospital

Name of Project: Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) Specialist at Durame Hospital

2013/2014 – present


Durame Primary Hospital, located in Durame Town, serves as the referral hospital for all seven woredas of KembataTembaro (KT) Zone. It was established in 2006, but the hospital had not been able to maintain and expand its capacity to match the needs of a rapidly growing population since its opening. Prior to initiation of this project, there was one Health Officer with emergency surgery training and 9 midwifery nurses. There were no specialists in the hospital, including OB/GYNs to provide emergency obstetrical care, despite the hospital serving a population of nearly 1 million.

Community Involvement: 

This project was initiated with a focus at the facility level and quality of care for institutional deliveries. This priority need for a OB/GYN in Kembata Tembaro Zone was identified in partnership with the Zone Health Department, to improve health outcomes for mothers and newborns, as well as improve skills and quality of maternal health services.


The general objective of the project is to contribute to the provision of quality obstetric and gynecologic care in Durame Hospital which serves the zone’s population of nearly 1 million. Key objectives include:

  • Facilitate timely and appropriate emergency care, reducing maternal and infant morbidity and mortality and improving the quality of care.
  • Improve the capacity and technical proficiency of the health human resources in the hospital in managing obstetric and gynecologic problems.


  • Full-time OB/GYN staffed at Durame General Hospital for the first time serving the entire Kembata Tembaro Zone population of nearly 1 million.


  • In first year alone, the OB/GYN supervised approximately 1,216 deliveries and 255 Cesarean sections
  • The staffing of OB/GYN contributed toward the hospital meeting criteria to upgrade from primary to general hospital status.
  • WEEMA was recognized as contributing partner at zonal celebration recognizing upgrade of the hospital from primary to General hospital status.
  • The OB/GYN continues to directly provide maternal care services as well as supervise and teach other health care workers in the hospital and from other health centers in the zone.