Ferzano Library

Name of Project:  Ferzano Library Enhancement- Partnership Project with Ethiopia Reads and One Moon Ethiopia

Dates: 2014

 Background: Ferzano Primary School is located in central Tembaro Woreda (district). It is the only school in a district of 6,000 inhabitants and houses grades 1-8.  The facility had a small library room with few books and little furniture.  Like many schools in rural Ethiopia, the facility had sparse resources.

Community Involvement: Teachers and students were desperate for books and places to study and learn. Two needs assessments were conducted in 2013, one by Ethiopia Reads and a second by members of the WEEMA and One Moon Ethiopia teams.


To overhaul the current children’s book collection, provide locally published reference material for all grade levels and purchase new furniture such as tables, chairs and shelves.


In Spring 2014, Ethiopia Reads repaired and painted the school library and delivered the following:

– 500 local language books

– 2,000 English language books

– Library furniture including chairs, tables, shelves and desk


  • Ferzano School continues to be one of the top performing primary schools in the area.
  • Teachers, students and parents rejoiced!
  • The government asked to have more libraries improvement within schools.
  • Students travel from other villages to study at this library.