Art and Sport Initiatives

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Name of Project: Art and Sport Initiatives

Year(s): 2013 to present

Background: WEEMA’s art and sport initiatives program first began when Torin, an 8 year old boy, decided to make a difference in the world.

One night when Torin was out having dinner with his family at a local restaurant, he asked his waiter, “What happens to the kids crayons after people leave the table?”

“Well, they get thrown away,” the waiter replied.

“What a waste!” Torin thought and decided to do something about it.  He asked the restaurant owner if he could collect all of the used crayons to give to kids in Ethiopia.  The owner agreed. At that moment, his “Crayon’s 4 Ethiopia” project began.

In addition “Crayons 4 Ethiopia,” other US students, schools, families and sports organizations have teamed up to generously contribute to WEEMA’s “Art and Sport Initiatives” to help kids in rural Ethiopia.

Objectives: To deliver much needed art supplies, school materials and sports equipment to rural schools.

Outcomes: To date, the following schools and government offices have received art supplies and sports equipment:

  • Kololo Primary School
  • Hadero Kindergarten
  • Ferzano Primary School
  • Ambikuna Primary School
  • Tembaro Sport Office