Celebrating two years of sight

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Wonchecko slowly boarded the bus that would take him from his rural village to Durame in Kembata-Tembaro Zone. The cataract in his left eye made it difficult to navigate the steps, but with help from other passengers he finally settled in. Several hours' and a bumpy ride later, Wonchecko arrived at Durame General Hospital where he would undergo cataract surgery the next morning.

The rest of the evening was filled with warm greetings, a hot meal, and instructions to rest up for tomorrow's procedure. As day broke, Wonchecko was brought into the operating room. Skilled local surgeons and volunteers from the Himalayan Cataract Project worked jointly to remove Wonchecko's cataract. Wonchecko was one of over 600 individuals whose vision was restored free of charge during WEEMA and Himalayan Cataract Project's five day campaign.  

Two years later, Wonchecko's life is changed.  "I am able to farm again and can walk by myself without anyone's help.  I thank and bless those who have helped me get my sight back." 

WEEMA will be conducting another Cataract Campaign in early 2017. A donation to WEEMA's 2017 "Cataract Campaign" changes a life with the gift of sight.