Celebration in Tembaro

April 1, 2015 was a very special day in Tembaro Woreda.  Hundreds of community members, government officials, special invited guests and WEEMA International representatives gathered in Mudula Town to commemorate the grand opening of Degale Library and the dedication of the Koshinda Water Project.  The day was not only about the realization of these two dreams, but also a celebration of WEEMA's continuing partnership with the community.   Although we could not have all of our parters and supporters with Us in Mudula, you were all with us in spirit!

In the morning, crowds gathered in the Mudula Town meeting hall, including village elders and specially invited guests from the zonal and regional capitals.  Guests received commemorative WEEMA hats. 

Everyone moved from the meeting hall to Degale Library, where there was a ribbon cutting before everyone walked through the newly furnished reading room and computer rooms.

Next, all guests moved to the Koshinda water reservoir for the second ribbon cutting of the day.

Habtamu Lamore told of when he and other Tembaro students first identified the need for a library in Mudula, how the dream turned to reality thanks to WEEMA leadership and community partnership, and emphasized the importance of the library for Tembaro students’ educational success. Ammanuel, also one of the first to dream of a library in Mudula, donated books and globes that he and others had collected when initiating the movement.

Teddy and Liz, WEEMA Country Representative and Executive Director, also gave heartwarming speeches, acknowledging all supporters near and far.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved with these and other amazing accomplishments!