1. Constructed Koshinda Spring Pipeline to bring water to 10,000 people
  2. Replaced Debolebole Spring pump with a much improved hydro-electric one- returning the flow of clean water to 6,000 people after years of no service
  3. Built additional water points in Bachira to provide water to over 4,000 people


  1. Constructed the first public library in Mudula with large reading room and computer center with internet
  2. Delivered art and sport materials to over 5 primary schools
  3. Established 3 kindergartens with over 800 children served


  1.  Established 50 women’s self help groups with over 1000 women participating
  2.  Trained 70 local beekeepers to improve quality and quantity of honey production
  3. Educated 58 potters how to produce clean cookstoves from locally available materials
  4. Supported the development of a “Persons with Disabilities” office within the local government


  1. Cured 500 people of blindness through sight-restoring cataract surgery
  2. Trained 36 rural health care workers in essential newborn care
  3. Support the only OB/GYN in Kembata-Tembaro, serving nearly 1 million people
  4. Installed solar lights in the labor and delivery rooms in 39 rural health facilities
  5. Provide scholarships for 5 students to become highly trained midwives
  6. Organized grassroots outreach education on malaria prevention
  7. Delivered life-saving medical supplies to 4 health centers