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Founded in 2011, WEEMA International began as "Mudula Water" with the distinct mission to bring clean water to over 10,000 people living in Mudula, Ethiopia.  After a year of fundraising, the organization raised $150,000 and built a gravity flow pipeline with eight water taps.  

Liz McGovern, WEEMA's founder, was inspired by meetings with individuals from Mudula living in the United States who provided clear information on four areas essential to the well-being of Mudula's inhabitants.  Everyone needed access to clean water, yes, but they also needed a long-term maternal child health program to combat maternal and infant mortality, kindergartens to educate their young children and a public library for study and connection to the rest of Ethiopia and the world.  In 2013, Mudula Water changed its name to WEEMA International to better reflect its expanded work, reach and mission.

WEEMA International became a registered non-governmental organization in Ethiopia in 2013 with the head office in Addis Ababa and a field office in the Kembata-Tembaro Zone.