Cataract is the number one cause of preventable blindness in the world. 1.6% of the Ethiopian population experiences blindness, with 50% due to cataracts. This not only affects the elderly; children and young people are also blinded by cataracts due to causes such as poor sanitation or inadequate nutrition. Blindness hinders individual health and productivity, as well as places exceptional burdens on families.


WEEMA partners with the Himalayan Cataract Project, one of the leading organizations providing cataract surgeries to low income individuals. WEEMA has completed 5 high volume cataract surgical campaigns at both the Durame and Hosanna Hospitals.  These cataract campaigns have allowed over 4,000 people to see again. We plan to continue hosting a campaign each year, aiming to help another 1,000 people regain vision annually.  All cataract services, including transportation to and from the hospital, are provided for free.